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Password Protection for forms
Password Protection for forms
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1. Create a form and add the necessary questions

Step 2 screenshot

2. Choose "Short answer/ Paragraph" to set password validation

Step 3 screenshot

3. Type "Enter the Password"

Step 4 screenshot

4. Enable the "Required" button

Step 5 screenshot

5. Click on the "three dots" and choose "Response Validation"

Step 6 screenshot

6. Set the conditions for your password

Step 7 screenshot

7. Set the conditions for your Password

Step 8 screenshot

8. Type the text that must be displayed when the password is incorrect

Step 9 screenshot

9. Copy the link and send it to the recipients

Step 10 screenshot

10. When a wrong password is given, shows "invalid password"

Step 1 screenshot

11. Type the right Password

Step 1 screenshot

12. The response is accepted

Step 2 screenshot

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