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Pabbly Triggers and Actions BoloForms Offer

‘Triggers’ are when something will happen in BoloForms and you can customize your automation flow according to that event.

‘Actions’ are when something will happen in some other application and you can customize what happens in BoloForms for that.

Currently There are 3 Triggers BoloForms offer -

  1. New Form Response: In your Pabbly automation flow this trigger will occur whenever there is a new response for your selected form

  2. New Template Response: Template response is also similar to new form responses, in BoloForms we offer customized template for signature that you can use multiple times just as per your need. This trigger will notify pabbly about new Signature completion for that particular template

  3. New Signature Completed: In BoloForms there is also one time sending Signature flows. When your Signature document is signed by all then this trigger will occur.

And we offer 1 Action as well -

  1. Send Form: You can use this event call in your workflow to automate the process of sending forms to your peers or to whom it may concern

So How Do You Connect BoloForms with Pabbly

Connecting BoloForms with Pabbly is quite easy and that can help you build automation workflow around multiple applications or tools that you use.

The outline is:

  • Generate API key from BoloForms > Go to your Pabbly Dashboard > Start by Creating an workflow > Choose BoloForms as the application you want to connect > Authenticate with BoloForms using the API key > 🎉Start Building you automation flows

Here is a step by step flow 👏

Boloforms Dashboard

1. Click on Settings

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on Integrations

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Setup

Step 3 screenshot

4. Click on Connect BoloForms

Step 4 screenshot

Pabbly Connect

5. Click on Accept This App

Step 5 screenshot

6. Click on the generate API key button

Step 6 screenshot

7. Click on the copy button to copy the API key

Step 7 screenshot

8. Click on Save API Key

Step 8 screenshot

Now You are ready to proceed to build a workflow with BoloForms. Use this API key to connect your BoloForms account with Pabbly when creating an automated workflow.

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