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Webhooks and its Data Formats
Webhooks and its Data Formats
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What are BoloForms Webhooks ?

BoloForms offers a few event triggers that you can receive through your application’s webhooks and you can customize & automate your action flows.

Here are all the event triggers that BoloForms offer for webhooks -

  1. New Form Responses

  2. New Signature Completed

  3. New Template Response

Testing Each webhook events:

After you have added a webhook for any event, you can test whether your webhook url is working or not. For that we will send sample data to your Url. And when you click on “Test Webhook”.

Upon successfully sending data to your webhook Url, a modal will appear with the sample data that was sent to your url.

The Data Format:

While Testing, you will receive the data as an array of objects, where each element of the array represents sample data for each document you have selected for that particular webhook & event.

Suppose, for your New Form Response event’s webhook you have chosen two forms ‘Test’ and ‘Zapier’, so while testing you will receive two objects inside the array, where each object represents each form’s sample data that you will receive when the event actually triggers.

You will receive this data when testing your webhook:

So while you are testing your url you should keep that in mind, and you might consider testing your api (webhook url) with one element at a time from the test response data

And this is what you will actually receives

Let us look at the actual data that will be sent for each Event.

New Form Response:

New Signature Completed

New Template Response

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