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How to disable the "Upload" and "Type" signature options in PDFs and PDF templates?
How to disable the "Upload" and "Type" signature options in PDFs and PDF templates?
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1. Click on the "PDF" creation option.

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2. After uploading all the required details, click on "Confirm"

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3. Your Document has been uploaded along with all the required fields.

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4. Click on "Settings"

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5. Under "Select Sign/Initials Type," you will find options to enable or disable the "Upload" and "Type" signature methods.

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Disabling upload and type signatures boosts security and compliance, as certain regions mandate "exclusively drawn signatures" for legal validation.

6. To disable the upload option, toggle off "Enable Upload."

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7. To disable the type option, toggle off "Enable Type."

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8. This configuration ensures that signers of the PDF can only sign using the permitted "Drawing" method.

Click on "Save"

Step 8 screenshot

9. Click on "Send"

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click on "Send Via Email

Step 10 screenshot

11. Click on "Start Signing"

Step 11 screenshot

12. To start signing the Document click on "Your Signature"

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13. While signing, the interface offers only the option to draw your signature manually.

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14. Draw your Signature.

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15. Click "Finish Signing" to complete the document with your drawn signature.

Step 15 screenshot

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